We believe that interaction and conversation are the most important parts of becoming proficient and confident at speaking a foreign language.

With this thought in mind, we have constructed a school where there is constant interaction between the students and everyone that works here from the secretary to the teachers. 

This enables you to practice and develop your verbal communication skills every moment that you spend with us. 

Classes are divided into 2 distinct parts to facilitate the learning and practice of the Spanish language.

The first session emphasizes the rules of grammar, teaching you the basic structure with which you can express your ideas.

The second session emphasizes the practice and usage of the language through the discussion of topics that are of interest to the student.

We believe that grammar is the first step in becoming proficient in the Spanish Language. Each class is taught in Spanish by native speakers with a passion for teaching.

If needed, English can be used to clarify doubts the student might have.

At Tierras Mayas Spanish Language School we are committed to your learning experience and recognize that each student has a different learning style.

We teach our classes using information from many of the various books we have in our library or by listening to songs or visiting local places of interest.

Our biggest resources are the teachers who dedicate their time here at the school.  Our teachers are well trained each with many years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Tierras Mayas Spanish Language School has created it´s own materials that combine linguistic questions and theory with examples and practical exercises.

All materials in our library are available for student use, and we encourage every student to take learning into their own hands through reading and writing outside of class.