Medical Spanish Classes


25 Hours per week (personalized instruction)
5 Hours daily: Monday thru Friday (starting any day of the week however noonday is preferred)
1 Grammar class (1½hrs.)1 conversation class (1½hrs.)

2 Hours class focus on medicine

Spanish School Tierras Mayas has developed a special Spanish course for medical and healthcare professionals that will enable you to communicate clearly and efficiently with Spanish speaking patients.

This program covers a wide range of subjects you need to be familiar with in a medical environment, such as: anatomy, medical equipment, understanding a patient's medical history, taking exams and diagnostics, post-release instructions and recommendations in emergency situations.

During your Spanish course you will not only learn words and phrases related to medicine and healthcare, but also improve your speaking, comprehension and general knowledge of the Spanish language and your ability to clearly express yourself in many situations.

Included is one visit per week to a local clinic or a museum of traditional Mayan medicine.  The duration of the full course four weeks but can be shortened according to your needs and availability.

Price ONLY $340 USD per week

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