Intensive Classes

Intensive Private Classes


20 Hours per week (personalized instruction)
4 Hours daily: Monday through Friday (starting any day of the week, however Monday is preferred) 
1 Grammar class (1½hrs.)1 conversation class (1½hrs.)
1 Class-theme selected by the student (1hr)
3 different teachers

This course consists of 20 hours a week, 4 hours per day. You will have three teachers: two in the morning for 1½ hours each, and another in the afternoon for one more hour. In this course, we recommend one teacher for grammar, a second for conversation (see Private Classes above) and a third for the extra practice that you might want to cover any specific topics or areas of concern (prepositions, pronunciation, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, etc.)

Intensive Private Classes affectively accelerate the Spanish learning process and give you the opportunity to spend time on specific areas of interest, whether related to specific grammar points, travel, work, social situations, volunteering or business.

Price ONLY $190 USD per week

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