History of Chiapas & México


25 Hours per week (personalized instruction)
5 Hours daily: Monday to Friday (starting any day of the week, however Monday is preferred)
1 Grammar class (1½hrs.)
1 Conversation class (1½hrs.)
2 Hours on a particular theme selected by the student concerning the history of Chiapas and México.
3 different teachers (personalized instruction)

The course is ideal for students who are eager to extend their knowledge on the historical and cultural aspects of Chiapas and México. It is taught by native Mexican Spanish-speaking teachers who possess in –depth knowledge of this field. All classes are held entirely in Spanish.

The two hour specialization classes will focus on historical and present events as well as important literary and artistic movements which are fundamental in providing the student a deep understanding of Chiapas, Mexico and Latin America in general. The objective of this course is not only to support the learning of the Spanish language, but also to learn the different cultural aspects of Chiapas and México.

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the historical, literary, political and social aspects that are fundamental to understand the richness of our culture. The topics of interest to the student are discussed prior to the commencement of classes in order to tailor the course to the student´s specific interests in Mexican history.

Price ONLY $340 USD per week

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