As well as learning the language, we teach you about Mexican culture and history.  You will have the oppotunity to participate in a variety of cultural activities based on your interests.

Learning at our Spanish Language School in San Cristobal is not limited to the classroom. We offer a variety of workshops, excursions and volunteer oppotunities to introduce you to the local culture and to help you practice the skills you have learned.

Places we visit together are not tourist sites.  Our excursions allow you to have the opportunity to directly meet the people and know the lifestyle of the people.  We have a strong network of friends and cooperation with each community that we visit.  Events are either free or have a small fee.

Below you will find information on the types of events we offer.

Boca del Cielo
(2 day trip)

Located 4 and a half hours from San Cristóbal on the Pacific coast, it is the perfect place to spend a weekend relaxing in the sun. Let the waves roll over your feet as you walk along the beautiful shore, watch the local fishermen, or try the delicious food of the region.

Ruins of Toniná
(1 day trip)

Only 2 hours from San Cristóbal, the ruins of Toniná were built by the Mayans and there you will find the tallest known structure in the Mayan world. You will see ancient Mayan carvings and murals and visit an archeological  museum. This is a place you do not want to miss, whilst in Chiapas.

Trip to Coffee Plantation
(1 day trip)

Located in Ocosingo, 2 hours from San Cristóbal, you can see how organic coffee is grown in an autonomous community. Chiapas is one of the biggest coffee producers in Mexico.

To reach the coffee plantation is a scenic one hour hike through the mountains of Ocosingo. You will have an opportunity to try some of the organically grown coffee at the farm and a delicious meal of  local campesino food is provided.

Find out first hand how this community is working together to better their own lives.

Salsa Classes in San Cristobal

We invite you once a week to join us for salsa classes. Here you will learn the basic steps in a fun, comfortable environment with an experienced instructor. Come and learn something new and exciting. Students free of charge!

Cooking Classes in San Cristobal


At our Spanish Language School  in san Cristobal you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the exquisite flavors of Mexican cuisine. Learn how to bargain and buy fresh ingredients at the local market.

Return to the school and prepare Chalupas Mexicanas, Chiles Rellenos, Mole Chiapaneco and more dishes followed by a fabulous feast.

Instructions will be given in Spanish or in English if necessary.

The above activities usually take place in the afternoon, the evening and weekends. Most of them are free, others cost just a few dollars for transportation and/or entrance fees.